Bold business theme perfect for your SaaS or corporate company website

Multiple Homepages

Clean Feature Blocks

Customer Testimonials

This theme is great for

SaaS Businesses
Detail your SaaS business with pricing pages and feature pages.

Product Agencies
Promote your product-centric services.

Business Websites
Replace the graph images for a clean business website.


Feature List

2 Homepage variations

Pricing Page

About Page

Contact Page

Blog CMS Collection

Privacy and Terms Pages

404 Page

Clean animations

Toggles for FAQ’s

Testimonial sections

Gallery sections

Links & documentation

About This Theme

Inspired by the clean lines and contemporary charm of Malmö, a vibrant city in Sweden, our Framer theme brings a touch of Scandinavian simplicity to your digital space.

Malmo is a striking business theme perfect for your launching and promoting your SaaS product. All of the features you need for a product site are there, from a pricing page to blog down to privacy and T&C pages all with a bold but clean aesthetic.

Blog with full CMS support

Engage your audience with a dynamic blog, supported by a robust CMS that makes posting and managing content a breeze. Our themes support rich media formats and come with features that allow for easy categorization, SEO optimization, and social sharing, helping you reach and grow your audience.

Testimonial Sections

With our testimonial sections, display quotes, ratings, and reviews that build trust and credibility, turning visitors into customers.

Clean, Attractive Animations

Our themes incorporate subtle motion effects that engage users without overwhelming them, enhancing the user experience and making your content come alive. Perfect for drawing attention to key elements and guiding visitors through your site effortlessly.

Contact Page

Our contact page templates are designed to make reaching out as simple as possible. With a clean layout, they include customizable fields for names, messages, and more, integrated with your preferred contact methods. Ensure your visitors have a clear path to communicate with you, enhancing customer support and engagement.

Pricing Table and Pages

Whether you offer a few services or a range of packages, our pricing page designs help visitors compare options and make decisions easily, featuring monthly/annual switchers

Stats Counters

Ideal for highlighting customer satisfaction, project counts, or any metrics that define your success, our stats counters are designed to be eye-catching and informative, encouraging user engagement and trust.

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